Medical Record Chronology: A Successful Key to Resolve Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury Medical Record Chronologies

Personal injury lawyers can benefit from having a medical summary on hand. An attorney can assess the severity of injuries, damages, and pain and suffering with the aid of a paralegal medical record chronology. A case can succeed or fail based on an accurate and complete medical chronology. 


What is Medical Record Chronology?

Medical record chronology is a detailed summary of patients' medical records in chronological order. Medico Legal Request LLC has a talented team of medical record reviewers who prepare high-quality medical record chronologies for insurance firms, paralegal, law firm and independent evaluators. Our medical record chronology template includes the pertinent information in the medical record in a brief summary of the events.


Common Personal Injury Claim Types

A wide range of events might result in personal injury claims. Vehicle accidents, truck accidents, boat accidents, ATV accidents, and plane accidents are a few examples of these. Additionally, they can involve premises liability lawsuits for slip-and-falls, poor security, enticing nuisances, and others.

Numerous incidents result in the injuries of thousands of people each year, but not every accident-related injury qualifies as a personal injury claim. Accident-related injuries that result from the recklessness or wrongdoing of others may fall under the legal definition of personal injury.


About our Personal Injury Medical Chronology Template

One should make sure to include all relevant information when writing a medical chronological report, to avoid using medical jargon, and to explain it in a way that non-medical persons may understand it with ease. 


View our sample medical chronology >> Personal Injury Medical Chronology Sample


The report created for a motor vehicle accident claim is shown in the sample medical chronology that is provided. It includes information about the accident's specifics, the claimant's main complaints, and the specifics of their physical examination.

Your legal processes would be as simple as walking through the park if you used precise medical chronologies with extra and unique elements like bookmarking, indexing, and hyperlinking. Going through the medical chronology sample of MLR LLC’s, you would have understood how to do a medical chronology report. Our clients frequently cite our medical chronologies as ideal medical chronology examples.

It is always better to outsource the process to medical chronology companies because personal injury and medical malpractice attorneys receive a lot of medical data. Offshoring medical records chronology USA lessens the onerous procedure of investigating each medical claim. Thus, it saves them significant time that they could use to focus on new cases. The greatest medical chronology firm offers medical chronologies at a price that is affordable.  


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How are our Medical Chronologies beneficial to Paralegal and Attorneys

Sorting through piles of documents and transcribing chronologies on word processors to create chronology reports and medical summaries is a time-consuming process. This procedure is not only extremely expensive, ineffective, and prone to errors, but it is also unsafe.

A medical chronology is a chronological listing of all medical incidents and events related to a specific case. In personal injury cases, the following are critical components of a medical record chronology.

  • Date of Injury

  • The patient's report of the injury or illness's cause

  • Diagnostic terms

  • Treatment facilities and schedules

  • Diagnostic results, medicines, and referrals comprise the treatment plan(s).

  • The prognosis or probability of recovery

  • Any permanent impairment

  • Potential future medical requirements

  • Information on any prior medical treatments, both relevant and unrelated.

  • A summary of the notes made by doctors and nurses

  • A medical summary may include a glossary of words for rapid reference.

Our team of experienced experts in medical chronology services USA is capable of locating and identifying all of the legal and medical essential elements that are crucial to the case. 


Guidelines for Drafting a Medical Chronology Report

Experts and organizations that offer medical chronology services drew up a report on medical chronology. These experts use specific methods when preparing medical chronologies to help you win your claim. Follow the steps outlined below as a medical chronologist.

  • Be prompt

  • Acquiring the medical records

  • Bates numbering

  • List down all the facts

  • Use of database software

  • Include all the facts

  • Evaluate the facts

The aforementioned are some of the essential factors to be considered by a medical chronologist while drafting medical chronology reports for claims.

Attorneys use medical chronologies to,

  • Prepare pre-trial motions for summary judgment

  • Support their arguments at settlement conferences

  • Prove the facts that favor their case

  • Educate a jury when making an opening statement

  • Emphasize relevant points during closing

  • Settle cases rather than proceed to trial

Attorneys can rapidly obtain the facts they need and gain an understanding of the case's numerous facets thanks to accurate medical record summaries. These summaries may be succinct or in-depth, and they frequently include facts about the client's health, the medical professionals they met, the tests that were performed, the diagnosis, the type of current treatment plan, and the type and dose of medications. Major operations and information about devices like pacemakers and hearing aids can also be included. A detailed summary, on the other hand, is very long and provides a more comprehensive chart of events in a chronological manner, whilst a concise summary offers a condensed review of the most crucial topics and events pertaining to a case.



Medico Legal Request LLC has a group of skilled nurse reviewers and legal nurse consultants who effectively create medical record chronologies and medical summaries using a secured, cloud-based proprietary technological platform. A completely integrated collaborative review workspace for abstraction and transcribing is offered by this top-tier platform. 

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