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Medico-Legal Transcription Services

We provide our clients with high-quality, precise medico-legal transcription services as well as access to worldwide transcription specialists in key fields.

We are aware of how challenging and demanding working with the enormous amounts of data produced by a court case can be for the legal and litigation personnel. To meet the various needs of all legal practitioners, we develop cutting-edge technologies and provide legal transcription services. We constantly strive to offer our clients highly-secured services that feature the highest level of accuracy and rapid response. Our company is dedicated to offering the most accurate, safe, and quick medico-legal transcription services.


Why Outsource Legal Transcription Services to Medico Legal Request?

  • We provide 99% accuracy with every legal transcript since we are aware of the delicate nature and importance of legal papers.

  • We make sure that any sensitive information is handled in the strictest of confidence.

  • Depending on the needs of the client, we can transcribe documents, audio recordings, or video files in any format.

  • Cost effective services

A professional editor listens to each audio recording again while comparing it to the transcript to make sure nothing was overlooked or incorrect. Our experts are here for you.

Any audio or video file that you transmit to us will be handled by us. You don't need to be concerned about changing the format of your recording. We take the security of the files you send us very seriously, and we make sure that any medical information, patient notes, diagnosis reports, and doctor consultations, is kept private. This is achieved by ensuring that all files are appropriately removed after the project is finished by only allowing uploads through our secure contact form or to our head office staff.


Outsourcing Medical Transcription Services

Our staff is made up of the most knowledgeable and skilled professionals that are well-versed in medical jargon and can put together a solution specifically for you. By outsourcing healthcare transcription services to us, we can free up your time to devote more attention to your core business and revenue generating tasks. Furthermore, with our best medical transcription services, we can adapt to your present process and provide a detailed summary.

Are you looking for professionals to transcribe your Medical and legal documents at an affordable price? then please contact our experts today to discuss about our services, samples and pricing details.

Feel free to contact us at or give a call at +1 (903) 765-6073.


Our Medical Transcription Service Process

  • Dictation

  • Transmission of voice files

  • Transcription

  • Quality Checking

  • Transfer of files

  • Delivery of Transcribed documents

We open and convert your voice files as we receive them so that they can be processed. Prior to beginning the process, the instructions required for each form of transcription are documented.



As a leading medical transcription company, we adhere to the HIPAA rules and regulations and are committed to maintaining strict client confidentiality. HIPAA and PHI regulations are covered in training for our team.

We serve legal teams, law firm, clinics, hospitals, community health centers, and individual healthcare practitioners across the united states and Canada.