How Our Legal Outsourcing Review Services Helpful for Attorneys and Law Firms?

Legal Process Outsourcing

Legal process outsourcing is the practice where law firms and other organizations outsource legal work from other places or other legal support services companies. We help you focus on your core business by taking the burden of legal support services off your shoulders.

We, Medico Legal Request LLC, provide outsourcing medical record review services to law firms, in-house legal counsel, individual attorneys, and legal industries.


Outsourcing Services for Legal Industries

Outsourcing legal processes can result in significant financial savings. Discrete legal services are outsourced to outside businesses or paraprofessionals rather than dedicated corporate staff. Consider all the mundane, everyday jobs that can be completed with outside assistance. To save time, money, and work, you can take advantage of the expertise of others. This enables you to concentrate on your strengths. To put it another way, bringing in new clients and providing exceptional service to current ones.

If you want to make practicing law more lucrative, realize your abilities and play to them. Unfortunately, managing a legal company involves numerous duties that compete for your attention, just like running any other type of business. Legal process outsourcing can be useful in this situation.


Legal Outsourcing Services: Medical Record Review & Analysis

Medical record review and analysis is nothing but evaluating the patient’s healthcare information. For this, A lawyer finds, examines, interprets, and analyses the facts and figures mentioned in a patient's medical record. Medical record analysis and review services are very helpful and time & cost-saving for lawyers and legal nurse consultants, medico-legal case review firms, insurance staff, and plaintiffs as well.

The Medical Record Review and Analysis Process includes:

  1. Collecting and arranging medical records

  2. Finding out about misplaced records

  3. Discussing with healthcare providers

  4. Recognizing aspects that lead to alleged injuries or damages

  5. Making summarized written reports

  6. Assessing and comparing the reports of the witnesses

  7. Making events’ chronology

Medical records review and analysis is very crucial in personal injury, medical malpractice, mass tort, product liability, and workers compensation cases. They act as solid evidence for attorneys, paralegals, and law firms to substantiate insurance claims. Medical chart reviews are also used in the healthcare industry to improve services and protect patients.


The Importance of Outsourcing Medical Record Review Services

An outsourcing medical record review service would be one of the pragmatic picks by an attorney, and it could determine the fate of the claim and the compensation awarded to the claimant. The company should have a consistent and efficient track record with good client testimonials to provide a high-class medical record review service for law firms. It would be an advantage if the organization is proficient in versatile litigation aspects like personal injury, mass tort, workers' compensation, and medical malpractice.

Why choose Outsource?
  • Access to trained professionals

  • Cost Effective

  • Reduced Turnaround Time

  • Increased flexibility

  • Better focus on the core business

A successful claim hinges on how the proof is found and the claimant's damages are presented. With a personalized medical record review report, even a battle-tested lawyer won't have any trouble. A highly competent lawyer would benefit from a well-constructed claim with an accurate medical record examination and analysis to support his claims. A knowledgeable medical record review service would be a wise choice to handle the tedious task of evaluating medical charts on your behalf. Outsourcing the medical records review service would save the time and productivity of the legal team. Cherry-picking a professed medical record review outsourcing company would make the job breezy.

Medico Legal Request LLC specializes in providing clients with superior legal support services in a wide array of practice areas.


Overwhelmed by medical records review? Outsource and Relax – Upload Now


Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) Services

Your firm has enough work on its hands, so why not let someone take some of the burden off your shoulders? At MLR, LLC, we provide legal outsourcing services for attorneys, law firms and legal teams that are looking for ways to increase productivity while keeping costs low. 


The Key Benefits of Legal Process Outsourcing

Expert resources: By outsourcing to professional service providers, you can benefit from the services of extensively qualified staff to summarize medical records for personal injury, medical malpractice, and mass tort cases. Reviewers with experience will be familiar with even the most complicated medical jargon and will be able to deal with even the most complicated handwritten notes and very complex medical data with ease. They can also locate any missing data in the records thanks to their expertise in the field.

Save time and cost: By outsourcing to an experienced medical record review team, you can save time and accelerate the process of organizing records.

Accuracy and Precision: The attorney or his team doesn’t need to be familiar with the complicated medical terminologies and all the clinical details to be highlighted in the medical record review. An advantage in outsourced medical reviews will always be accuracy and precision. Companies that provide medical record review services would quickly analyze records that contained handwritten medical charts or prescription notes. Medical terms are familiar to a professional medical record review expert, and he would crack them easily.

Data Security: A legal nurse reviewer would be trained to maintain HIPAA compliance and data security. Overall, the organization upholds a safe working environment with reliable data handling technology that would uphold the privacy of medical records.

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One stop solution for all your Medical Records Review Services

Attorneys and paralegals spend a lot of time organizing, summarizing, and examining massive medical records. Our qualified and experienced medical professionals work efficiently to summarize medical records in a precise manner, allowing the client to achieve higher success rates. Outsourcing legal services aids a company to quickly scale up by diminishing the workload and allowing employees to focus more on core business and revenue-generating activities.

Our Services:

  • Medical Chronology

  • Settlement Demand Letter

  • Narrative Summary

  • Expert Medical Opinion

  • Deposition Summary

  • Billing Summary

  • Provider List

  • Special Reports

  • PDF Sorting and Merging

  • Med-A-Word/Med Interpret

  • Bookmarks

  • Missing Medical Record Identification

  • Hot Links/Hyperlinks

If you need any other services, please share your samples. Our team of experts will work as per your needs.



Legal outsourcing services helps a firm grow more quickly by lowering effort and allowing personnel to focus more on core tasks and those that generate income. Combining internal and external staff allows organizations to modify their capabilities in response to workload and customer demand.

If you are also looking for a renowned outsourcing firm to manage your medical record review process or other legal processes, you may join hands with Medico Legal Request LLC.