How our Medical Narrative Summary Services helpful for Legal Industries?

What is a medical narrative summary?

A medical narrative summary is a narrative-style running description of the patient's medical history. All the medical events or encounters in the medical chart are highlighted in this summary. Narrative summaries are prepared for different types of injury cases, disability, slip and fall, vehicle accidents, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, auto accidents, and so on. 

These medical narrative reports provide a concise overview of the patient's case history. They successfully convey to the reader the main points of the argument. They may even share fresh information about the case with the attorney. Let's have a look at the main justifications for writing medical narrative summaries.


Focused areas of Medical Narrative Summary Services

  • Personal Injury

  • Medical Malpractice

  • Workers Compensation

We, at MLR LLC, provide the best quality medical narrative summary report at the most affordable prices with quick turnaround time. To satisfy the needs of each individual case, we tailor our summaries. To make things clearer and easier to grasp, all the important events have been emphasized. Unless otherwise specified, we typically ignore typical findings and concentrate primarily on relevant data.

Attorneys expect the medical record review companies assisting them to create these summaries specifically for their needs so they can easily read and comprehend the numerous medical facets of the cases they manage. Medical narrative summaries are succinct accounts of the key events in the patient's medical history that are useful when preparing for a deposition or when putting together a case for trial.


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What are the components of preparing medical narrative summary charts

We provide tailored medical narrative summaries in all such cases to meet the expectations of the attorneys and law firms. The following components are included in our Narrative Summaries,

  1. The Flow of Events: A patient's medical history is chronologically organized to include all pertinent occurrences. Highlighted are the actions involved in the current case.

  2. How the events occurred: The chronological narrative summary format helps establish the sequence of events to support the case. This is used to establish the cause of an accident or medical incident. 

  3. Treatments the patient has undergone: All of the patient's therapies are listed in the Medical Narrative Summary as well. To help determine the necessity of the treatment and its effect on the patient's medical state, our staff creates a thorough list. We assist in locating any improper therapies that were given to the patient in medical malpractice claims.

  4. Previous or on-going medical conditions of the patient: To help the lawyer determine whether there was an exacerbation of any pre-existing conditions, whether they contributed to the patient's current injury, or whether they were missed by a doctor when providing treatment leading to medical malpractice, our team records and reviews any pre-existing conditions. 

  5. Previous or on-going medications taken by the patient: A medical narrative summary could examine whether the patient has ever taken any medications that might have contributed to the current medical condition, whether a medication interaction has been harmful, or whether a condition has been exacerbated by a medication's negative effects. 

  6. Laboratory Test Findings: Lab test results are included in the medical records narrative summary to assist the lawyer in comprehending, determining, or establishing the merits of a case. The results could reveal if a drug or other substance was to blame for, contributed to, or made an injury worse.

  7. Patient’s demographic and vital information: The summary also contains the patient's personal information, such as age, gender, height, and weight, as well as any other identifying or personal data that the lawyer may require.


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Key Benefits of Our Narrative Summary Services

The narrative summary will concentrate on all injuries incurred as a result of the event and any pre-existing injuries that the accident exacerbated or made worse. 

  • Narrative summaries are prepared by experienced team of physicians

  • Includes all the information in a narrative storytelling format.

  • Both preparing for a deposition and writing a demand letter can be done with the help of these summaries.

  • Additional reports for medications and other investigations can be added.

  • Each Summary can be tailored to individual requirements or needs, and is delivered based on an attorney’s request either in WORD or PDF format.

Attorneys preparing disability cases can also benefit from narrative summaries. From the plaintiff's medical records, they must create medical proof to support the disability claim. From the hundreds to thousands of pages in the medical chart, a thorough study of the medical data will help find the pertinent ones. The claimant's medically determinable impairment, whether the disability satisfies a listing or is equivalent to a listing in the Social Security Administration's (SSA) list of impairments, and the claimant's medical treatment history are all detailed in the narrative summary created after the review. The summary would also contain medical data that would aid in establishing a link between the claimant's symptoms and functional restrictions.

The medical narrative summaries are prepared in the SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan) format. The medical summaries make it easier for lawyers to examine the facts in the extensive medical records since they capture the diagnosis, therapeutic details, and doctor consultations. They play a crucial part in every phase of the courtroom trial, not just for the lawyer but also for the jury.



A well-written medical narrative summary, especially one prepared by an experienced medical chart review company, is a valuable tool in the hands of a personal injury attorney. Every stage of the case benefits greatly from it, and it strengthens the case. A well-organized, accurate, and customized summary saves the attorney time, money, and effort.