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What is the definition of a Deposition Summary?

A deposition summary is a condensed, factual, and accurate clerical summary of the key points that are covered in the deposition transcript. This synopsis is in accordance with the lines and pages of the original deposition, making it incredibly simple to identify the crucial details and confirm the same with the verbatim transcript as necessary. A deposition transcript summary is an invaluable tool in trial preparation as well as during the entire litigation process. As a deposition summary company, we provide an objective, clear, and short summary of the important points of a deposition transcript. Our experienced staff can create the deposition summaries in required format and follow any specific directions needed for your practice.

We provide deposition summary services to independent attorneys and law firms to help them prepare for the trials better without the burden of summarizing the entire deposition all by themselves. Coming up with a deposition transcript can be a time taking process. When you outsource deposition summary services, you save much of your time that can be utilized for other important case-related tasks that require your attention. We at Medico Legal Request LLC, can help you manage your deposition transcripts quickly and easily with timely, efficient, and cost-effective deposition summary services.


Process of Drafting a Precise Deposition Summary

It comprises 3 basic steps:

  1. Skim the Transcript: This includes going through the entire transcript and focusing on questions asked by attorneys/Lawyers and witness’s responses.

  2. Annotate the Key Statements: This includes highlighting the key points that need to be included in the summary.

  3. Summarizing: This includes organizing the key points in the format of a chart, including columns like Summary, Subject and Page/Line. Summaries can be prepared in an outline or narrative format.


How our deposition summary services aids attorneys?

In the entire litigation process, including discovery, trial, and motion practice, deposition summaries play a significant role. These summaries aid attorneys by:

  • Making preparations for pretrial motions and subsequent depositions

  • Planning for a witness examination in court

  • Creating successive discovery demands, responses, and interrogatories

  • Finding noteworthy testimony and potential issues with trial witness impeachment


Establishing the Deposition Summary Goal

A deposition summary's goal, as previously mentioned, is to accurately and succinctly present to the reviewing party a summarized version of the deponent's testimony. Only the most important and pertinent information from the deposition should be included in the summary, with an emphasis on the following:

  • Providing a description of a deposition for an insurance client or adjuster

  • Enhancing the witness's memory before the hearing or trial

  • Setting up additional depositions in the same case

  • Additional investigation is being planned.

  • At the deposition, the supporting lawyers are not present.

  • Assisting lawyers in better motion and evidence preparation

  • Aiding with trial preparation

  • Summarizing the testimony of jurors at the trial


How does a deposition summary appear?

The sworn in oral testimony of the witness is contained in a deposition summary, which condenses the key points of a lengthy deposition transcription into a concise and to the point form. The format of a standard deposition summary is page:line syntax. In accordance with the pages and lines in the deposition transcription, the pertinent information is extracted and, if necessary, abstracted into the necessary deposition summary, with the necessary deposition summary's page number and line number specified. Being able to navigate the trial without having to constantly consult a sizable line of case transcripts is made easy by a good deposition summary.


View our Deposition Transcript Summary Sample>> Sample Deposition Summary


What goes into a deposition summary?

The oral testimony of the deponent is converted to writing and signed. These numerous pages of the deposition transcripts are carefully read, and pertinent information deemed necessary to the ongoing case is noted. A polished and crystal-clear deposition summary is created from the transcripts. Depending on the case size, content, and pertinent details, a good deposition summary can range from one page to four pages at most.


Advantages of Well-Drafted Deposition Summary

Speeding Up the process: Time is of the essence in legal cases, and a deposition summary saves time by providing a quick reference to key testimony points, allowing lawyers to concentrate on trial preparation and case strategies instead.

Convenience: A deposition summary saves lawyers time by eliminating the need to read through the entire testimony and instead focusing on the key facts.

Pre-trial Preparation Aid: This aids in pretrial preparation by saving time and effort in reviewing the entire testimony, which can then be used to prepare for the trial.

Especially useful in technical testimony cases: Technically qualified witnesses provide technical testimonies against personal injury, workers' compensation, and other issues that are critical to the trial process. It also aids in locating discrepancies among various deponents through cross-verification. Everyone can benefit from the deposition summary, including assigning attorneys, insurance companies, other clients, and litigation team members, among others. In order to manage a lawsuit and the factual declarations made by deposed witnesses, deposition summaries are very important.


There are several methods for preparing a deposition digest

  • Page-by-page summary or page-by-line summary

  • Topical or topic-by-topic summaries

  • A chronological overview

The testimony of a witness can be condensed to its most basic form using a deposition digest without losing any of its important details or becoming unreliable. A deposition digest is critical in complicated cases with multiple legal theories pursued or cases with complex fact patterns to ensure nothing is missed during the trial. 


Utilize Outsourcing Deposition Summary Services

Outsourcing deposition summary is less expensive than doing it in-house. We at Medico Legal Request team has more experience in deposition summary services and helps law firms and independent attorneys to have a summary of deposition transcripts at reasonable rates.



Deposition summary is an inevitable part of the litigation services, which minimizes the burden of the litigators in reading the massive number of deposition pages. Try-out our legal deposition summaries with quick turnaround and cost-effective services.

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