Product Liability

This is the legal responsibility a producer or seller faces for creating or offering a defective product for sale.

Product Liability Case Reviews

Defective or dangerous products are the cause of thousands of injuries every year. Design, production, or marketing flaws can all result in injuries. Our staff makes sure to compile all of the important details in order to prove that the damages were caused by the defective goods. We make sure to include all the intricate details to justify the damages incurred and prove the case.

Individuals can initiate product liability lawsuits, but these are usually combined cases involving a large number of plaintiffs from many states. The acquisition and review of tens of thousands of pages (or more) of medical records is typical in multi-plaintiff lawsuits. Most importantly, they need a complete knowledge of the claims' medical elements

Fortunately, we have the knowledge, competence, and team of legal nurse consultants to assist counsel and litigation strategy in product liability matters.

  • Pharmaceuticals that allegedly caused health issues or death
  • Pharmaceuticals that were tainted or defective
  • Pharmaceuticals prescribed for “off-label” uses