Workers Compensation

When someone is hurt or ill at work, workers' compensation insurance pays for their medical care as well as lost wages.

Workers’ compensation Case Reviews

In workers' compensation cases, a medical records review is a critical component in evaluating and determining the extent of an employee's work-related injuries or illnesses. It involves the examination and analysis of the relevant medical documents and records related to the individual's condition.

Workers’ Compensation Claims:

  • Medical-Only
  • Temporary Partial Disability
  • Temporary Total Disability
  • Permanent Partial Disability
  • Permanent Total Disability
  • Death
  • Vocational Rehabilitation

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It is important to consult with legal professionals and experienced medical experts specializing in workers' compensation to ensure a thorough and accurate medical records review. They can guide you through the process, interpret the medical findings, and provide valuable insights for your specific case.

Areas of focus for Workers’ Compensation cases:

  • Medical Chronology
  • Demand Letter
  • Deposition Summary
  • Narrative Summary
  • Billing Summary
  • Life Care Planning/Future Cost Projection
  • Independent Medical Evaluation
  • Providers List

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