A Medical Summary/Chronology is a record of medical events in the order of their occurrence. This entails sifting through hundreds of pages of medical documents to identify, locate, review and interpret relevant information from the medical records. At various stages of the case discovery process, we synthesise and underline legally and medically significant points that are pivotal instruments.

Medical records are reviewed by experienced doctors and nurse consultants.

Accurately captures the medical record dates, procedure(s), treatment/occurrence(s) and other customized data fields.

The summary’s most important points are highlighted in yellow.

Case strengths and weaknesses are identified.

The finished product is a thorough text-based medical record summary that is presented chronologically – making it easy to understand a sequence of events as effectively and quickly as possible

It’s possible to get it in WORD or PDF format.

Just $25 per hour Approximate charge for a 500 pages of medical records is $250 (10 hours).

We summarise the patient’s medical history in chronological order, including the date, name of the provider, type of office visit, and so on. The original medical record is cross-referenced with every piece of medical data. Our chronological medical summaries save the expert time by highlighting key medical facts and deviations from the standard of treatment in a particular medical malpractice case. It is impossible to overestimate the cost savings of having an expert analyse a succinct written summary rather than voluminous medical records prior to deposition or trial. Medical chronology can be used confidently by testifying specialists to ensure that they comprehend the facts correctly. Medical summaries are provided in either a user-friendly word or PDF format, depending on your needs. For navigation and referencing to the source material or evidences, we give a chronology with hyperlinks and bookmarks. To support and evaluate the negligence, we provide a schematic picture of the accident in personal injury cases, as well as a diagrammatic representation of clinical data.

Salient features of our Medical Chronology

Reducing the time spent by the reviewer

Prepared by experienced doctors and nurse consultants

Focused, condensed and precise

Non-biased, fact based and insightful

Easy-to-read and interpret

Can be customized to suit your needs

Additional reports highlighting specific areas of interest such as Pain charts, Lab reports, etc

Free Quotes/Cost Estimation

Free Identification of missing medical records

Free Hot Links/Hyperlinks


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