Independent Medical Examination (IME Report)

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Independent Medical Examination (IME Report)

An independent medical examination (IME) report is an evaluation conducted by a medical professional who is not involved in the ongoing care of a patient. IMEs are typically requested by insurance companies, employers, or legal entities to obtain an unbiased medical opinion regarding the individual's condition, injuries, or disabilities.

IMEs serve various purposes, including assessing the extent of injuries or disabilities, determining the need for ongoing treatment, evaluating work-related injuries, reviewing medical records, and providing an independent medical opinion for legal or insurance purposes.

The key points of our IME Report services:

  • Introductory Information, Descriptive Data
  • History
  • Record Review
  • Current Interview (Oral History)
  • Physical Examination
  • Other Objective Data
  • Conclusions

Depending on who requests it, an IME report may be used in a variety of ways. For instance:

  • An IME requested by the insurance company may be used to confirm or reject accident benefits.
  • A plan for an injured employee's safe return to work (i.e. accommodations, altered hours and duties, etc.) may be provided following an IME that was requested by the employer.
  • An IME that was sought by a legal professional may be utilized to help determine the amount of compensation that the defendant owes the injured party in the event of a trial, settlement, or mediation.

An independent medical examination aims to provide a more thorough picture of your injury or medical condition for any form of compensation claim or employment fitness issue. Making decisions regarding your rehabilitation, return to work, or claim is aided by the assessment report.

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