Free Service for Medical Record Chronologies and Summaries

Bookmarking Service for Medical Records

Bookmarks are navigational aids for PDF documents that help the reader rapidly find and link to points of interest within the medical record. They can be organized into user-defined categories like providers, record types, and dates, allowing for quick file retrieval.

Types of Bookmarks:

  • Chronological Bookmark: Regardless of provider, the whole collection of medical documents will be bookmarked according to date.
  • Record Type Bookmark: The full batch of medical records will be blended together, and chronological bookmarks for each record type, such as Progress Notes, Nursing Notes, and Wound Assessment Records, will be established.
  • Provider Wise Bookmark::The records will be bookmarked by provider (i.e., Provider A, Provider B, etc.) and then by record type.

We typically offer them without charge for medical chronology services.

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