Medical Opinion Services

Free up Staff, reduce litigation cost – Just $50/hr for Medical Opinion Services.

Medical Opinion Services

Medical opinions involve reviewing the medical documents, including the medical summary of a patient, and figuring out if there is negligence or malpractice involved in the standard of care given to that patient. Our physicians provide an opinion on a medical case based on sound reasoning.

To establish liability in medical malpractice lawsuits, a medical expert or a team of medical specialists is always required. We at MLR, LLC have a group of doctors from various disciplines who have graduated from prominent universities. Our doctors conduct a rational evaluation of the medical records and offer an unbiased expert opinion that is tough to refute. Our doctors' opinions are based on the current standard treatment regimen used in the US healthcare system. Cross-referencing medical records and emphasising relevant facts that indicate negligence are used to create medical opinions. Medical opinions are accompanied by citations and references to back them up.

The key points of our Medical Opinion Services

  • A clear verdict on the case's merits and flaws
  • Critical issues are highlighted, as well as case strengths and weaknesses.
  • In addition to the views, medical literature is also presented (unsigned).
  • Ideal for securing supportive testifying specialists and doing initial case screenings.
  • Approximate charge for 500 pages of medical records is $150 (3 hours)

Attorneys who handle medical claims may have a variety of questions about their client's medical ailments or difficulties. Our doctors are available to answer any inquiries that will assist attorneys in better understanding their clients' medical conditions and identifying deviations from the standard of care. Medical opinions are very helpful for a preliminary case evaluation.

Salient features of our Medical Opinion

  • Medical opinions are prepared by case-speciality relevant MD’s
  • Opinions are given in a simple question and answer format for easy interpretation
  • Free Reference
  • Free Quotes/Cost Estimation
  • Free Missing Medical Records Identification